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A few issues ago, we revealed a handful of movie stars and other celebrities whom we discovered "slumming" in Trimaris. After more research (and complaints of "Hey! I have more hair than that!"), we bring you...

More Famous People in the SCA!

Wallace Shawn Wallace Shawn
(The Princess Bride)

Well-known amongst Hollywood busboys for always tipping $100, this fine actor wrote a stage play (later made into a motion picture) about sharing a meal with a former Seneschal of Trimaris. Here in this kingdom, we know him as...

Master Jarnakar Guthrothsson!
Dennis Hopper Dennis Hopper
(Easy Rider)

With 135 movies under his belt (he first played a "Goon" in Rebel Without a Cause), he has sat upon the Throne of Trimaris! Though he's lately been styling himself by the name of a famous Athenian orator, you probably know him better as...

Earl Seosaidh mac Seosaidh
(aka Stratokles)
Vincent Schiavelli Vincent Schiavelli
(Buckaroo Banzai)

A versatile character actor, Mr. Schiavelli is frequently mistaken for deadpan comedian Steven Wright. He insists, however, that it's just a case of mistaken identity - for his true secret identity is that of the excruciatingly humble, mild-mannered...

Baron Alwyn Stewart!
Kenneth Branagh Kenneth Branagh
(Henry V, Hamlet)

Another prolific actor, Mr. Branagh brings his SCA interests to work with him - along with some of his garb - to create numerous excellent period dramas; to top it off, he's been King of Trimaris twice! Yes, it's...

Duke Llywelyn ap Cadwaladr ap
Dafydd ap Hewyl!
Emma Thompson Emma Thompson
(The Tall Guy,
Howards End)

Formerly married to Kenneth Branagh, this formidable actress refuses to give up the SCA just because her ex is in it too! Apprenticed to Countess Rosabel, she's an excellent embroiderer in her own right. You guessed it, folks - she's...

Lady Catherine of Devonshire!
? We'll comb the beaches of Trimaris looking for more lurking celebrities, leaving no tern unstoned in our search! But, please, don't bug them for autographs - if they don't know they're in here, then they can't sue us!

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