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Top Ten Signs
You've Got an
SCA Ego Problem

La la la! 10. When you sign the NCR form at the troll booth, the alphabet soup after your SCA name takes up more space than the name itself.

9. The janitors you work for all know better than to call you anything other than "Your Excellency".

8. Nobody knows what color your tunic is, because it's obscured by every single medallion you've every been awarded.

7. You think that the red belt you wear entitles you to call yourself a "Junior Member of the Chivalry".

6. You know that Corpora forbids the use of unofficial titles, and titles that imply the ownership of land, but that simply doesn't apply to the MegaDuke of Galway!

5. You bring a special set of clothes to every event, because you just know they'll elevate you ANY DAY NOW!

4. You try to get the BOD to create a Fourth Peerage, because the three you've already been given simply aren't sufficient.

3. You don't bother to get to Court on time, because you know they wouldn't start without you in the audience.

2. You reject someone's heraldic submission because, even though the SCA College of Heralds explicitly permits the use of that name element, you don't think they should.

And the Number One Sign you've got an SCA ego problem...

1. You make your underlings post your messages to SCA mailing lists.

The Quarter - Brought to you in part by the Wrong People!