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We are blessed, here in Trimaris, to be the French Riviera of Hollywood folk, who frequently keep second homes here in the Sunshine State to get away from the horribly balmy weather of California whenever possible. Once again, we present...

Even More Famous People in the SCA!

David Duchovny David Duchovny
(The X-Files)

Although most well-known for his work as the deadpan Agent Fox Mulder, he's not only a Knight of the SCA, but he's sat upon the Throne of Trimaris, too! Here in the Kingdom of Three Seas, we know him best as...

Earl Gregory Ahearn!
Will Yun Lee Will Yun Lee

Playing the ghostly Danny Woo on the TNT series "Witchblade", Will maintains a home in Trimaris, where he was recently made a Knight — and might even be our next King, under the name...

Sir Yoan Moon Yang!
Bernie Kopell Bernie Kopell
(The Love Boat)

Known far and wide as the pleasant-natured (but extremely rakish) Doctor Bricker on "The Love Boat", Bernie Kopell spends his leisure time playing recorder in the SCA, as...

Lord Octavio de Flores!
Brian O'Halloran Brian O'Halloran

Breaking into film with the independent "Clerks", he too is a loyal subject of Trimaris, having given quite a bit of service as a Herald (but don't hold that against him!) Here, we know him as...

Honorable Lord Daimhin Cinncaidhe!
Kevin Smith Kevin Smith
(Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back)

Along with Brian O'Halloran, this auteur — who wrote and directed the "Jersey Trilogy" — also plays in Trimaris, where he is a Knight. Nowhere near as silent as his on-screen persona, we call him...

Ser Severin Visconti di Milano!
Who's next?  Muah hah hah hah ha!!!! We're sure there are more celebrities lurking on the shores of Trimaris.

Do you know of any?

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