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The Trimaris Fashion Report

Fashion terms everyone can use!
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FASHION VICTIM: One who, through lack of individuality and weakness of character, has fallen prey to the dictates of a fashion designer.

Fashion victims of the Known World fall into several categories including:

Households where everyone adopts the same persona and colors as the Head of the House. This is more apparent in fighting households. A good example can most recently be seen on the battlefield at Pennsic.

Knights that wear the standard uniform: a short sleeve tunic, pair of jeans, belt, cowboy boots and (if applicable) a coronet of some type on top of a straw hat.

No Foundation Garments — no matter what time period you wear, you are automatically a fashion victim if you lack underwear — especially under a chiton. No exception, no excuses.

REN FAIRE REGALIA: The puffy shirt, stretch pants and a colored sash, moccasin boots with a feathered pirate hat.

Just say no. Say it with me now — "No Ren Fair regalia for me." Very good.

HAS BEEN: A garment or accessory that has passed fashion-wise.

In this kingdom, we call it Elizabethan, since none of the ladies specifically known for dressing that way do it any more. Note: Males most notably portraying their Elizabethan time period: Maister Godfrey and Master Iefan.

IN: A garment or accessory that is the latest fashion.

I can't think of a time when Trimaris had a fashion trend. Isn't that a shame? If there happens to be a fashion trend happening somewhere, it sure isn't Viking. The only Viking I see out there worth her salt is the Honorable Lady Caitlin ni Dhubhghaill. Keep up the good work!

MUST: A fashion garment or accessory that a stylish person simply cannot be seen without.

A must for any good SCAdian is hygiene — get some! Putting some good hygiene on first gives you the confidence you'll need to face the Laurels in the A&S Hall. Just kidding! And hey, if you haven't been in the A&S Hall, go in it — lots of cool stuff is in there.

OUT: A garment or accessory that is no longer in fashion.

A smelly fighting tabard still worn after you've fought all day. And you don't plan on showering at all. See above definition for further clarification.

TOO MUCH: Something or someone who overdoes it but in a good, fashion-wise way.

This applies to the ladies — and certain gents — that wear the bling bling. The best example of bling-bling in the kingdom is Duchess Anastasiya Ostromirovna Zadorova.

TOTAL LOOK: term depicting an outfit consisting of only one particular time period.

This applies to any time period done well. Excellent sources are our Flowers of Chivalry, known as the Knights of Trimaris: Earl Benen MacTire, Sir Cadwyd Enwir, Sir Morgan Attalus, Ser Severin Visconti di Milano, Duke Llywelyn ap Cadwaladr ap Dafydd ap Hewyl, and Duke Gaston Vieillechamps. Check these guys out for good fashion "do"s, not "d'oh"s!

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