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Event Announcement

The Known World Kvetching Symposium

What?! You've gotta be kidding!

KWKS is an annual interkingdom SCA event for the purpose of promoting something all SCAdians everywhere excel at — complaining. Learn about the Art and Science of Kvetch from some of the greatest teachers in the Known World.

Did you learn something new about whining over the last year? Sign up to share your knowledge with your fellow complainers or send your research along to be included in our Proceedings. Or both!

With classes on —

What are they complaining about NOW?

Date: November 31 (Couldn't they have picked a better day?)
Place: Howard Johnson's on the Interstate (Who wants to go to an event at a hotel? And a HoJo? How tacky!)
Cost: $20 (Not everyone has money to pay site fees, you know)
Contact: Lady Halli Patagonica — (Oh no, not HER again?!?)

Drusilla sez: Stultorum quanto status sublimior, tanto manifestior turpitudo!