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Top Ten Reasons Why The Quarter Went on Hiatus

10. Cheap penguin labor used to assemble newsletter unionized and went on strike

9. McMurdo Station Kinko's closed down

8. Depressed because Oldenfeld was made a barony, while the Southern Wastes are still at incipient barony status

7. Membership in "Dreamy Duke Fan Club" got revoked

6. No new garb to wear to events

5. Busy doing research to overcome the Laurels' objections to Antarctic personas

4. Two words: "Herald Trouble"

3. Trying to keep up with 1000+ per-month messages on Trimaris-Temp e-mail list

2. Can we still use all those hurricanes hitting Trimaris as an excuse?

1. Had to get a real job and move out of parents' basement

Cook! Where's my Hassenpfeffer?

Drusilla sez: Stultorum quanto status sublimior, tanto manifestior turpitudo!