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From The Quarter Staff
Gulf Wars Wrap-Up

By now, the Trimaris army has returned triumphant from Gulf Wars. We hear that a camera crew from CBS Sunday Morning was in attendance. One can only imagine how that news segment will be introduced, when and if it airs:

"Hi, I'm Chales Osgood, and welcome to CBS Sunday. Today, in our 'Who Cares?' segment, Charles Kuralt will visit a small town in Mississippi as it endures its annual invasion by folks who like to imagine themselves in anywhere from 10th century Ireland to 17th century Italy, with every time period and culture in between. We hear that some of them believe in fairies. Is magic afoot? We'll find out. Then, we'll explain why only people named Charles can work on this show."

Bad publicity is better than no publicity. Set your VCR's.

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