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The Flowers of the Trimarian Chivalry

A Knights' Tournament was held wherein members of the Chivalry took to the field to face each other in noble combat. Here you will find the victors of that day.

Sir Takamatsu, y'all!
Sir Takamatsu Sadamitsu no kami Tadayoshi
Knight of Loyalty

From the Southernmost tip of Japan came to Trimaris a samurai as loyal as he is tall, rather, the day is long. Strong of wit, but short of grammar, Takamatsu has defined the virtue of Loyalty with his faithful reverence and service to his Emperor. Since nobody has told him Trimaris is not an empire, he has remained here, ever in service to our ruler, fighting side by side with the men of the Kingdom, and bringing exotic delights of chocolate, and Oriental song and dance to the ladies.

Sir Mittion -- isn't he DREAMY?
Sir Mittion von Weald
Knight of Honor and Renown

Born into the forge that was the Era of Crusades, Mittion has ever served as an example to us peasants. Having served a strong and purposeful reign as King of Trimaris, Mittion then bowed to his sense of Honor, returning to the Crusades to gain the Holy Lands for Mother Church. Through his exploits, Mittion's Renown grew, bringing greater understanding of the 'necessity' of the purging of the Infidel from, well, basically their home, and showing all through the Holy Word (and sword, mace, and axe, whatever) that the Pope is not one to be pushed aside like yesterday's couscous.

Sir Morgan Attalus!
Sir Morgan Attalus
Knight of Valor

Sir Morgan Attalus, come forth from Antiquity, is not simply a man of legs. No, Morgan has shown great Valor upon the field many a day, even without pants. His prowess with spear is without equal, and those tasked with facing his strength and bravery stand afeared, and not just because of the aforementioned pantslessness. Never has Morgan known the meaning of trepidation, and not through ignorance alone, either. He is known to be a great asset to Trimaris as a leader and soldier, and if the ladies are to be believed, looks as good going as coming.

Sir Elizabeth, eh?
Sir Elizabeth Mortimer
Knight of Courtesy

Courtesy is defined by man as excellence of manners or social conduct. It is defined by Elizabeth as ensuring the entertainment, and thereby the happiness, of all the King's subjects. Whether it be war over territory, or a joust for gentle amusement, the only way to describe Elizabeth's fighting is "jollitude". Never has one been so amused by the art of combat as to fall into fits of laughter at the merest striking of a blow. Her speech flows with Courtesy, as long as one seeks no entrance into her discourse as it spills forth, and all can expect fine and noble treatment from her, especially if one is encumbered by chocolate.

Sir Ka-DUDE!
Sir Cadwyd Enwir
Knight of Prowess

Tall, dark and well, strong at least, Cadwyd has pummeled into submission legions of those who would oppose a Romano-Celtic strongman. His Prowess in combat is second only to his humility and good looks (OK, so maybe it's his wife's good looks). Quietly going about his business as a One-Man Gang on the field, Cadwyd also enjoys - well, whipping the tar out of people is what he enjoys. However, he can also be found assembling simply darling bead necklaces to accessorize his tunics, so ladies, please share your bead sources with this Local Hero.

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