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SCA-TV Guide

3Tele-Mummers - Entertaining children's show created with simple and repetitive dances.
7ThunderCats - Sir Braiano, Sir Morgano and Sir Odo battle the evil Mum Ra.
10Movie: The Adventures of Baron Damien
3The Art/Sci Road Show - Know-it-all Laurels determine if it's trash or treasure.
5Wheel of Misfortune - Watch as contestants spin the wheel, buy vowels and spell out the punishments for their crimes.
2The Two Fat Pelicans Cook Feast
3Deep Cave Nine - Socrates? Or Plato? Cave reflection theories revisited.
4Trimaris Five-O - Securitycrats on a mission.
5Movie: Driving Miss Maisie
7In Search Of... Pluck and Trudy - Investigations into the disappearance of the puppet shows by Cord and Carlos.
4Mystery Science Theatre 1000
0Xena, Warrior Princess (Broadcast marathon continues)
4Benen the Vampire Slayer
6Discovery's "On the Inside" - The Secret World of the Pelican. This hour-long special theorizes on how the elusive Peer of Trimaris spends its time in meetings, social gatherings and interaction with the populace.
2Yoan Can Cook
3The Sampsons - Greece's favorite cartoon family.
4Martin - Adventures of Trimaris' new seneschal.
5Behind the Music - The Calais Consort reveals the hatred, infighting and untold riches of period music performance.
7This Old Fortress - Sir Karl shows how to add a second story and install matching window treatments.
8Will and Her Grace
9SCA Woad Rules - Picts and Celts in weekly competitions in Britannia, Ibernia and Gaul.
3Movie: The Island of Baron Murad
5Where My Squire At? (Comedy, series premiere)
7Monday Night Tournament - Company of the Swan vs. Company of St. Jude.
10The Seven Samurai - Sir Takamatsu and his unlikely band of followers take on the injustice of the Coopers and the Pennsic Troll Booth in this made-for-TV drama.
2That 1370's Show!
4Whose Art/Sci Is It Anyway? - Watch as Laurels improvise the rules for Gulf Wars Competition.
5Two Guys, A Girl And A Pup Tent
6The SCA! True Society Story - Duchess Anastasiya, the rise and fall of a Trimarian Princess.
2FOOD - Vlad Live! - See our favorite cannibal spear his favorite dishes.
4Fox Special: When Huns Attack: Documented cases caught on video showing the horror of the Huns and their battle tactics.
8The P-Files - Agents MacTire and Trelawney investigate unearthly doings in the Pelicans' Circle..
9Movie: Being Duke Llywelyn - Lonely protege finds a mysterious portal that allows him to BE Duke Llywelyn for 15 minutes.
3Survivor - 12 squires left on an island with 11 swords and a roll of duct tape - who will survive to be made a Knight and who will be voted off the island?
5Norm - Norm dares Osric to drink lighter fluid. (Repeat)
8The King of Queens - Master Iefan struts his stuff in his first leading role as an out-of-kingdom Laurel visiting the A&S Hall at Gulf Wars for the first time.
5Late Night with Bytor Fitzgerald - scheduled guest is King Timmaaayy! of Ansteorra.
4Sex and the Shire
10Movie: Trimarian Gigolo

The Quarter - None asked nor given!