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Just in case there are some peers who can't handle the "No Precedence Party" this weekend, The Quarter is here to soothe any potential bruised egos with the following

Homage to the Peers!

Hoi Polloi

Match the Laurel with the Little Known Fact!

1. Anastasia     A.Favorite candy: Black Licorice
2.Nadira     B.Turned on by scale armor
3.Jarnakar     C.NOT stalking Brian Setzer
4.Elfwyn     D.Alternate persona is Klingon
5.Geoffrey Maynard     E.Collects Hummel figurines
6.Warjna     F.Favorite color is purple
7.Lisabetta     G.Makes killer Red-Velvet Cake
8.Rosabel     H.Sword was put through foot accidentally
9.Melisande     I.Pet snake was afraid of rats
10.Giuseppe     J.Living room is an aquatic turtle sanctuary
11.Iefan     K.Long-time "Up With People" member
12.Fiona     L.Should own stock in the Past Times Company
13.Godfrey     M.Is an embroidery Laurel
14.Elspeth     N.Loves fried chicken & Oatmeal Scotchies

Bonus #1 - Which Laurel collected troll dolls up until the time of HIS engagement?

Bonus #2 - Which Laurel deliberately shot his or her own vehicle?

Bonus #3 - Which Laurel was originally nicknamed "Sweaty"?

Answers on the last page of The Quarter

The Quarter - What a bunch of crazy kids!