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New Feature:

Mystery Peer!

(weasel tail not shown)

Can You Name This Mystery Peer?

Quite the celebrity, this Mystery Peer loves all things period, as you can see. Bonus points if you can name the shy Mystery Peer behind him! Answers in the next edition of The Quarter.

Match the Peerage With The Description

A. Knights           C. Pelicans
B. Laurels           D. Royal Peers
1. They settle everything with the tools of their trade

2. Usually let their associates do most of the work

3. Tend to be sensitive to criticism, but can dole it out like crazy

4. Rumors abound about what newest members of this order have to do at the first peerage meeting they attend

5. Many aren't sure exactly what these peers do, but plenty of people want to become one

6. They endure (or enjoy) nine months of having their butts kissed, then it's all over

Answers on the last page of The Quarter

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