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Famous Celebrities Who Play in the SCA!

A few years ago, a Trimarian announced that Val Kilmer was active in the SCA! (Our article on the subject is archived in our website!) Since then, we've spotted all sorts of celebrities keeping it real by playing in the SCA here in Trimaris.

The secret identities of this month's celebrities were sent in by alert readers from all over the kingdom! Thanks, guys!


Billy Bob Thornton
(Slingblade, Bad Santa, Bad News Bears)

Bad Boy actor who once said that sleeping with his
ex-wife Angelina Jolie was like "swyving" a couch (!!),
he's Oldenfeld's fencer and fighter extraordinare:

Honorable Lord Seamus mac Dhughaill


Joey Fatone

Considered equally dreamy in the SCA and in the
pop music world, (shown here with a surprisingly
fashionable haircut) he's Trimaris' one and only

Duke Mittion Von Weald


Robbie Coltrane
(The Harry Potter movies)

Best known for his role as the half-giant
Hagrid, in Trimaris he's a Pelican, bard, and

Baron Maredudd ap Cynan

The Quarter - Proudly serving 25 percent of the Populace